Why we do what we do

Our vision

To make work happier, fairer, more diverse and more productive

Our mission

To create insights about work & pay that enable professionals and their employers to make informed decisions

Today. Tomorrow.

We’re already bringing insights where there were none. In the future, we want to help you with even more tools that go beyond a salary checker. You can rely on Payspective time and again.

Pay tracking

Do you remember how much you made 5 years ago? Never lose track of your salaries, bonuses and stock options anymore and get a real overview of your pay progression over the years.

Negotiation support

Interviewing for a new job and preparing for the inadvertent question how much you expect? Renegotiating your salary with your employer? We’ll give you real data for a fact-based discussion.

Earnings forecasting

Whether it’s about buying a house or sending your kids to private school, lots of decisions depend not just on our current but also our future income. Use our data to realistically forecast your earnings.

Satisfaction barometer

When were you happiest in your career? Hard to tell in hindsight. Keep track of your mood and satisfaction and draw the right conclusions.

Relocation assistant

Toying with the possibility of moving? Figure out where you can best optimise your earnings, progression, satisfaction and lifestyle.

What else?

Tell us what else you’d like to see in this list. What have you always wanted to do or know but have never had the right tools for? How can we help?

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