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It’s simply interesting to know how much your peers make, what hours they work and how happy they ar

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To provide you with the most relevant insights, we need to enable you to benchmark yourself against all kinds of people. That’s why we are working with all kinds of peer sets.

So much more than just a salary checker

Benchmark yourself against your peers on multiple dimensions:


Are you paid fairly? Do the people who started out with you make more than you now? How much do you make per hour?

Progression & performance

Are you young for your seniority? How long did it take other people to get there? Was your last review better than average?

Working conditions

Do you work more than most in your field? Do your peers from uni have similar workloads? Is your comp aligned to your workload?


Are you as happy as you could and should be? Are other people more satisfied overall? With their compensation?

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Why payspective?

For you

To make great decisions you need to know the data – that’s just as true when it comes to designing space shuttles as when it comes to making the most out of your career. You may optimise for money, free time, happiness or impact but to maximise any of these, you first need to understand how you compare and where or how you could do better.

For equality

Work is not yet equal. The gender pay gap persists and minorities often find themselves underpaid or underrepresented. With Payspective, we don’t just want to provide you with a satisfaction and salary checker for your own good but also do our part in creating the transparency needed to make work fairer and more diverse.

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