A charitable payspective.

Our vision with Payspective is to make work fairer, happier, more diverse and more productive. The first and most important step to achieve this, is to help you understand how you are fairing when it comes to work – to give you perspective.

But there’s another level of perspective we want to be conscious of. The perspective that there is a whole world of working people who can’t make ends meet.

Acknowledging the importance of giving back, we have therefore selected a few charities close to our hearts – some of them are looking for donations of money, others are looking for donations of time & expertise. Have a look and if any one them are as close to your heart as to ours, you know what to do…

Donate your expertise

Volunteer your expertise and join the pro bono community.
Whether your background is in strategy, finance, consulting, IT, or other areas, there are countless organisations that could benefit from your skills.

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Exemplary organisations we have been working with…

Donate, period

Below are some high-impact charities that are close to our hearts and values – do click on the logos to have a closer look.

Donate to GiveWell

Donate to 80,000 Hours

Donate to Happier Lives Institute

Donate to Raise Your Hands

Donate to Centre Point

Supporting non-profits, charities & NGO’s since 2018

Pro bono Volunteers

£1m+ Value of donated time

Organisations supported

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